Latest Products Latest Products Sun, 28 Nov 2021 17:22:27 +0530 en-us Kadaknath Chicken Wed, 26 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Kadaknath is known as a hardy breed so it is adjustable to different conditions of the climate and it has a high resistance to illness. The quality of the meat is quite appreciated for the delicious taste, flavor, and texture. The breed’s flesh is available black and considered to great medicinal value. Normally, people make use of the birds for devotional offerings to the god. We at, Kadaknath Chicken Suppliers offer the best quality of kadaknath meat. We don’t keep something frozen; kadaknath murga finds processed two hours before the order delivery time to confirm that the freshest quality of meat is offered. The products can quickly get stored in an insulated box packed with ice boxes to keep the temperature and make sure the best level of the delivery. We are one of the major sellers of Kadaknath Chicken Supplier in India to some of the well-known corporates and chains of the hotel. There are several medical benefits associated with Siddha and Varma uses kadaknath meat for treating various ailments particularly nervous disorders. Blood of kadaknath is used for treating chronic diseases by the tribes and its meat is used to infuse vigor in males as an aphrodisiac. The top minerals in kadaknath are niacin, calcium, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, and nicotinic acids among others. There is a quick presence of B1, B2, B6, B12, C, and E. Kadaknath Chicken Wholesale Supplier offers the chicken pieces at the best price without hurting the pocket of people. Contact us today for Kadaknath Chicken in Tapi we are leading Kadaknath Chicken Wholesalers. Kadaknath Eggs Wed, 26 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Are you looking for Kadaknath Eggs Suppliers? If you are interested in buying Kadaknath eggs, then we at Kamdhenu Farms are Kadaknath Eggs Wholesalers offering the best quality eggs. The Kali Masi or Kadaknath is an Indian breed of chicken limited to Dhar and Jhabua districts of western Madhya Pradesh, where it is recognized as “Kali Masi”. The presence of high protein and low fat with cholesterol levels, there is high demand. Its content of fat content is 0.73 — 1.03% as compared to 13 to 25% in the majority of the chicken breeds. By selecting our fresh free collection of eggs, you are selecting our fresh free-range eggs, you are assisting a hen to roam freely and have a happy and healthy life. Our eggs are delivered straight away from the farm directly to the store, to make sure that just the top quality free-range eggs, make it to your table. Kadaknath Eggs Supplier in Tapi supplies the product at the best price. We make sure that their diets don’t contain any sort of antibiotics, growth promoters, yolk coloring agents, or any more stuff. The primary aim for us is to achieve as many people as we can and turn it delectable and healthy poultry offered to them. Our devotion and passion to give a healthier choice to people and our sense of patriotic pride make us wish our domestic breed to be the front sprinter to a global extent. Kadaknath Eggs Supplier in India makes sure for the on-time delivery of the products. Reach us today we are leading Kadaknath Eggs Wholesale Supplier. kadaknath chicks Wed, 26 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Kadaknath is the Indian Meat chicken breed that is special from any other indigenous or Desi chicken breeds available in India. The looks of the Kadaknath chicken are completely black. The Kadaknath is the only black color meat chicken breed of India. We at Kamdhenu Farms, Kadaknath Chicks Wholesalers are offering the best quality chicks to the customers. The Kadaknath breed is well-liked for its good taste in meat production. It possesses black legs, a black comb, black beak, black toenails, and black color meat and bones. It possesses light brown color eggs; the slate-like color of feet, toes, purple tongue, shanks, and beak, intense black coloration is noticed in the internal organs. It chiefly creates on an average of 80 eggs in one year. We are a reputed Kadaknath Chicks Suppliers in Tapi. These are hardy and highly challenging for diseases. Different from the broiler chicken, these chicks can quickly survive even on the waste of the kitchen. Kadaknath Breed Chicks are rightly sourced from our reliable vendors who have been serving the business for a long period. These chicks are systematically checked on different parameters to make sure that their high quality and fresh. This has gained us highly boosted demands in the overseas and domestic markets. Clients can get Kadaknath Chicks at highly reasonable rates. If you have more queries and questions in your mind, related to Black Kadaknath Chicks Suppliers in India, we can give the right assistance on time. Contact us now for more information on placing bulk orders. Reach us today we are leading Kadaknath Chicks Wholesale Supplier.