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Why Is Kadaknath Chicken On-Demand And Why Must You Serve It In Your Restaurant?

Posted by Admin on June, 11, 2021

Kadaknath chicken is all over the news and is quite on-demand not solely because of its mouth-watering taste but because of various reasons. This chicken species was asked and requested to be on the IIFA Awards function menu, hosted in Indore. Kadaknath chicken also coined as Kali Masi is an exclusive chicken species that is black; right from their organs, to their bones and even the eggs they hatch. You can get this breed of chicken in abundance in the Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh which happens to be a tribal-dominated place.

The chicken breed is said to be high in medicinal properties and contains about 25-27% of protein and low on cholesterol. Compared to other varieties of chicken, the Kadaknath chicken breed is quite nutritious and boasts a subtle taste.

Start Serving Kadaknath Chicken in Your Restaurant, Here’s Why

The demand for Kadaknath chicken rose since the BCCI recommended that the black variety of chicken must be included in the diet of the Team India players. The Kadaknath chicken is one of the healthiest options and certified agricultural scientists have approved of their benefits as well.

• The demand for Kadaknath chicken wholesalers skyrocketed because of their low-fat content and low cholesterol content. The chicken breed is packed with amino acids, iron, and protein. In comparison, the fat contents present in other chicken breeds vary from 13-25%.

• The Kadaknath chicken sourced from the Jhabua district also received its geographical indication tag or the GI tag. The Kadaknath chicken is said to be the only animal in India to get the GI tag from the Government of India on July 30th back in 2018.
• To promote Kadaknath chicken, the Government of Madhya Pradesh is about to sell the chicken variety from Bhopal and Indore’s official counters. To make people buy more of Kadaknath chicken, it has been decided that the black variety of chicken will be made accessible in different options ranging from life to dressed, marinated to ready-to-cook.

What You Should Know About Rearing Kadaknath Chicken?

The Kadaknath chicken is reared in Bhopal’s Madhya Pradesh State Livestock and Poultry Development Corporation farmhouse which is situated in the state’s Raisen Road. The Jhabua and Dhar districts’ Bhils and Bhilalas tribal community is the original rearer of the chicken breed.

How Does Kadaknath Chicken Taste Like?

In the industry domain, a lot of Kadaknath hybrids have garnered attention and popularity for all the best reasons. The Kadaknath chicken besides being healthy is procured from matured chicken. The chicken you get from the Kadaknath breed is harder, tasty, and has a different texture than that of other chicken breeds.

Customer’s Reaction to Kadaknath Chicken

Kadaknath chicken has been served in various restaurants and it has been seen that people who love experimenting with foods and pampering their taste buds with different varieties of dishes are the ones who are more likely in favour of Kadaknath chicken. The Kadaknath Korma dish is one of the most popular dishes served in restaurants. Another dish that gained hype made of Kadaknath chicken is the chicken Chettinad.

Kadaknath chicken is one of the most unique ingredients that are served as part of the luxurious dish. Being a restaurant owner, you can consider serving Kadaknath chicken to diners to help your clients explore an exotic flavour. The consumption as seen by the Kadaknath chicken supplier in India is quite strong, given how more and more customers now wish to try the taste of Kadaknath chicken.

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